Friday, July 23, 2010

Cawardice and Sorrow

Recently, Worshipful Darren Young who was the webmaster of the 1613 Nation decided to leave. In doing so he also decided to commit a cowardly act to hurt his Brethren. He eliminated most of the 1613 Nation lodge websites including our own. Up until then we had no warning that Mr.Young had any issue with us at all.

We are all working to smooth our ashlars. Anger is a profane emotion. I can say though that I am left hurt, disgusted and angry at such a cowardly act.

How in any way is this Brotherly?

Mr.Young has said some horrible things about some of our Brothers and the Nation as a whole. Actions speak louder than words and these actions show what a is the true character of Darren Young and it isn't a good picture.